Centre for Fun & Care Learning Environment.

We focus on cognitive and fun learning towards better results for high performance students. Genius Fai'zin is a kids academy where the students enjoy the learning experience.

OUR SCHOOL, Our Culture


 “We improve on how to understand and write answers with the new effective teaching technique, not forcing your children to memorize the answers.” 

Our Teaching Approach

+ Open group discussion with the teachers

We believe group discussion among students and teachers will bring greater good for both parties to exchange opinion and learning methodology. 

+  Standard syllabus and hands on practice are provided

We provide all kinds of materials such as video and homework for children so they can catch-up with the learning faster. 

+ Identify students talents and potential

Each students have talents and potential to groom and grow. We understand this and so Genius Fai'zin Learning Center enables students to explore and create their own space of solutions with high supervision from our teachers. 

+ We modernized the learning plan to make the study more informative

Our learning center filters the teachers before they are accepted to be our teachers. Therefore, only trained, strong background, educated and experienced are hired in Genius Fai'zin Learning Center

+ Emphasize on study group and brainstorming activities

Peers and buddy system are introduced in order to help students brainstorming among each other

+ Assessment and report provided to the parents on monthly basis.

We provide monthly analysis where you'll see the students growth throughout the year. 

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